Day 4: Teach your child to be gritty

Day 4: Teaching Resilience

Today we want to work on shifting your child’s view about mistakes from one of shame and embarrassment to one of “This is making me smarter,” and “I am learning.”

Day 4 Video

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Day 4: Teaching Resilience: Overcoming mistakes with positive self-talk

We don’t want kids to shy away from mistakes. Fear of making a mistake can keep our kids from trying new things. Instead, we want to encourage resilience by learning how to get back up after mistakes and keep going.

    Action Step:

    • Download the Daily Download: Positive Self-Talk for kids. Review it with your child.
    • Turn negative self-talk into something positive. Refer to this sheet when your child encounters obstacles. Teach your child to use these phrases to promote a growth mindset.
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