Day 6 (BONUS): Teach your child to be gritty

Day 6 (BONUS): Praise Effort for a Growth Mindset

Because you are so wonderful, I wanted to give you a bonus! (Happy dance)!

Today we are going to check in with your child and see how they are doing with reaching their goal. You are their accountability partner!

We also want to check in with you to make sure you are putting your focus on the right area.


Day 6 (BONUS) Video

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Day 6 (BONUS): Check-in and Praise Effort (Growth Mindset)

  • Often parents make the mistake of over-praising or misguiding their praise to children. Unfortunately, this can have a negative impact on a child’s growth mindset. We created a bonus checklist for parents! Our bonus includes encouraging words/phrases that praise perseverance, resilience, and taking on challenges.
  • Has your child been working on the parts of his plan? Has he been trying to use some positive self-talk?
  • Now it is time to be sure you are focusing on the right things to help your child.
  • Don’t focus on whether he reaches his goal or not, the most important thing to focus on is if they are working hard and putting in the effort to reach their goal.
  • Always praise effort over ability or the end result!

Action Step: