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Blimey Box Brain Games challenge young minds and makes learning fun at home with puzzle games for kids. Learn more about how you can help your child become an outside-the-box thinker.

Helping Parents

  • Do you struggle to find ways to challenge your child's thinking?
  • Have you tried learning apps and workbooks only to find they are too repetitive and boring?
  • Are you frustrated with the lack of quality learning activities for kids ages 5-9? 


Why Parents Choose Blimey Box... 


blimey box


Kids build GRIT as they push past struggles and keep trying. 


blimey box


No busy-work here. Kids solve puzzles, crack codes, apply logic, think flexibly.


blimey box


Print, cut, set locks, play. Easy-to-follow instructions makes set-up a breeze.


blimey box


Personalized, interactive, and engaging. Learning tasks capture excitement.  


Join our Free Puzzle Activities. It's packed with printable puzzle games, digital puzzle games, and mini treasure hunts. It's fun learning with a purpose.
    "The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover." - JEAN PIAGET  


Meet Blimey Box

Most learning games are too boring. They're either dry workbooks or mindless apps that don't stimulate the imagination.

I'm sure you're frustrated by how difficult it is to find a good learning game for your child. It's hard enough for parents to find the right educational toys, let alone something that teaches them something useful while they have fun doing it!

Blimey Box was born from our frustration at not being able to find a fun and engaging game that also taught my son something new. We wanted an alternative to screen-based learning apps or mindless workbooks. Inspired by the mystery of escape rooms we created Blimey Box as an exciting activity kit where kids can learn important skills like logic, critical thinking and perseverance through puzzles, riddles and games with family members or friends. 

We now have over 135 printable learning games for kids getting ready for kindergarten all the way up to a third grade level.

That is over 500 Puzzles to solve!!

We designed the games for busy parents (like you) to easily print, set-up, and enjoy watching your child build confidence with learning!

The self-checking games, help your child practice independent learning.

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We've been there.

We were "those" people at the restaurant with our kids (at 5:00 for dinner) who were determined to enjoy a meal out...and not hand over our phones.

We brought stickers and coloring books, but the kids quickly lost interest. To keep our kids quiet and happy, I hate to admit that we would often hand over our phones (defeated sigh). 






 Restaurants became fun again. We started bringing our Blimey Box Game Kit with us to restaurants. Kids spend 25-35 minutes playing a game quietly.

Instead of feeling guilty for handing over our phones, we now feel confident knowing we are helping our son learn math, reading, and critical thinking skills.

Blimey Box
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Puzzles are designed to teach complex reading and math skills as well as challenge kids to think outside the box. 

Tasks are arranged into "lockbox games" that get incrementally more difficult as kids progress through the levels. Kids get smarter as the play the games in order.

Each "Game" contains:

  • 5 Learning Tasks (kids solve 5 puzzles to unlock 5 locks and win the game.)
  • An answer key
  • Set-up instructions

Try our Free Sample Games


    Blimey Box will help your child...

    • Gain confidence in tackling complex problems
    • Learn to analyze complex problems
    • Increase a desire to stick with a challenge and keep trying, even when it's hard
    • Acquire a growth mindset
    • Increase attention span through engaging tasks

    Soon you'll have your kid begging to learn with Blimey Box Brain Games.  

    Print, set up a game in 5 minutes, then sit back and enjoy 30 minutes of freedom!





    You can continue to rely on our educational system to teach your child the necessary skills like creative problem solving, critical thinking, GRIT, and growth mindset. Unfortunately, the focus of education remains on outcomes (such as test scores) and not on the learning process. 

    Additionally, you can continue to give your child "learning apps" or skill-focused worksheets for academic practice, however, most of these often teach children surface-level learning skills and not complex problem-solving


    Let us help you...

    You want your kid to be smart. We can help you. 

    With Blimey Box, you can engage your children with high-interest, hands-on, academic-challenging activities.  

    Various brain puzzles will inspire your children's natural curiosity. Your kids will not only LOVE learning, but you will also help them go deeper into complex problem-solving and acquire meaningful life skills.


    Blimey Box Founders

    "Play and games can give young children opportunities to learn and develop foundational math skills that are aligned with Common Core standards for mathematics through age-appropriate, fun, and engaging activities."

    - Geetha B. Ramani & Sarah H. Eason