Christmas Treasure Hunt | Printable Elf Treasure Hunt | 12 Daily Clues | Kids ages 5-10

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12 Days of Christmas - Daily Elf Treasure Hunt (Printable)

Warm up the cocoa and turn on the Christmas tree lights 🎄! It's time to start a fun daily Christmas treasure hunt (12 Days of clues).

Let our 12 Christmas Elf treasure hunts | scavenger hunts get kids excited to find a new Christmas treasure each morning. Our elf treasure hunt game has 12 days of treasure hunt fun!

◆ Ages: Kids ages 5-10
◆ GamePlay: 5-10 minutes (each day for a total of 12 days)
◆ Up to 4 players
PDF Printable Game (Access to download immediately after purchase)
◆ Can be used with a Christmas Elf toy.

This Christmas Elf Treasure Hunt has 12 daily puzzles to solve to get a prize. Kids get to find a prize each day for 12 days!

🎄 12 Printable Prize Cards Included (prizes don't need to be expensive)!

💡 Get kids thinking, having fun, and moving with this fun treasure hunt.

🔎 Places clues are hidden:

- in/on a dryer or clothesline

- where you keep the rice

- laundry

- under a bed

- beneath a pillow

- near a couch

- in a drawer

- inside a closet

- on a shelf

- inside a sock

- with the forks

- keep food cold


🔐 Gameplay:

Each day your child will have a new treasure hunt clue to find a special prize. 12 Days of clues make the Christmas countdown more fun! Each puzzle clue will take anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes of learning fun, based on players’ experience, skill, age, and group size.


🗝 Ages: 5-10

Younger kids can definitely enjoy the fun, however, they will need more support to complete the puzzles. Additionally, older kids also enjoy these treasure hunt games.


📜 Number of Players:

We recommend our games be played individually, with a partner, or with up to 4 players. These games are fun for the whole family to play at home (and a chance for siblings to work together).

You can play with more players, however, we recommend printing out enough clues so that every player gets a clue to solve.


✂️ Set-up:

To set-up the game, you need nothing more than paper, the provided PDF documents, a printer or printing service, and a pair of scissors. (It is also fun if you have an Elf toy, but it is not necessary). We include directions and an answer key explaining exactly how to set-up the game and hide the clues. We also include 12 Printable Prize cards called "Christmas Coupons."

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