Horse Treasure Hunt for kids | Riding Wild & Free | (Printable)

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🐴 This horse treasure hunt is perfect for any kid who loves the show: Spirit, Riding Free. We capture the spirit of treasure-seeking with puzzle clues to solve, a treasure map to piece together, and a secret decoder! 

Ages: Kids ages 7-10
GamePlay: 20-60 minutes
Up to 4 players
PDF Printable Game (Access to download immediately after purchase)

This horse-themed game is a hybrid between a treasure hunt and an escape room game for kids.

Children work to solve riddles and clues that send them to the next clue. After decoding the final clue, kids discover the location of the final treasure.

Get kids thinking, having fun, and moving with this fun treasure hunt.

🐴 Story:

Lucy receives a letter from her cousin, Shelby. The letter hints that a secret map and clues will lead to a hidden treasure. Included in the letter is a riddle note to figure out. The girls ride to Butterfly Canyon, the General Store, Wildflower Meadow, and back to the stables solving clues and piecing together a treasure map. 

🏡 Places clues are hidden:

- Shoes

- Bedroom drawer

- Forks

- Shower

- Closet

- Where food is cold

🧩 Gameplay:
Our horse treasure hunt adventures give kids 20-60 minutes of learning fun, based on players’ experience, skill, age, and group size. Hide clues around the house (both inside and out) and kids must solve riddles and puzzles to find the next clue. 

👧 Ages: 7-10
Younger kids can definitely enjoy the fun, however, they will need more support to complete the puzzles. Additionally, older kids also enjoy the horse treasure hunt game. 

🤝 Number of Players:
We recommend our games be played individually, with a partner, or up to 4 players. These games are fun for the whole family to play at home (and a chance for siblings to work together).

✂️ Set up 
Print the provided PDF documents, cut out, and follow the directions to hide the clues. We include directions and an answer key explaining exactly how to set up the game and hide the clues.

Customer Reviews

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Kids had a wonderful time solving the puzzles.

Would totally recommend this treasure hunt adventure.