Free Printable mini-treasure hunt for kids!

We've been getting such great feedback on our mini-treasure hunts for kids! We are so happy you like them! Here is another free mini treasure hunt that will bring some fun to hanging at home!

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Mini treasure hunt

Our mini-treasure hunts are easy to set up, kids love doing them, and they get kids off screens and moving around. 

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Cut out the six words and hide them separately. The kids will find the words and then put them together in the right order to read, "Look where we wash the dishes." We hide each word in a plastic egg.

treasure hunt clue

I like to put these in plastic eggs to make them easier to find.

Next, cut out the Decoder Key and the strip with blanks.

decoder key and blanks

I put these two pieces together into a plastic egg and hide it in the sink.

We like to put the final treasure into a treasure box, so we put the key to the lock in a plastic egg and hid it in the pots and pans.

However, if you don't have a treasure chest, you can hide a small prize/treasure where you keep the pots and pans. (Which is the final clue).

Finally, give your child the note to let them know they need to get started.

Game Walk-Through

Kids need to find the first 6 hidden clues (words). 

Once they find the 6 words, they put them in order to spell out: Look where we wash the dishes.

Once kids look in the sink, they should find the decoder key and the blanks to fill in. Kids should notice that the pictures on the words can be decoded in order to spell out: Pots and Pans.

Kids then go to the Pots and Pans for their final treasure or a key to a treasure chest. 

Our kids got fig bars!


It is a treasure hunt, so be prepared to hide a little treasure or prize wherever you keep the pots and pans in your house. 

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