Valentine Paper Coding Activity - Fun for Kids!

Today we have a fun, screen-free coding activity for your kids! Valentine Paper Coding!

Coding is the method of giving instructions to perform a specific task. 

This unplugged paper coding activity has two different levels for kids to solve.

  • The first level is finding the right code to get the arrow to the heart. Once kids discover the correct path, they will uncover a secret word.
  • In the second level activity, kids find the right code to get the Valentine Letter to the Blimey Bloke. Once they find the code that works, kids decode a secret message about kindness!

Valentine Coding Activity for Kids

Why Coding rocks:

  • Kids practice trial and error
  • Teaches kids problem-solving skills
  • A fun way to have fun with math

Be sure to download and print these Valentine Paper Coding Activities today, so your little one can have some learning fun!

Valentine Paper Coding Level 1

Valentine Paper Coding Level 2

Encourage Problem Solving...

At Blimey Box, we believe every child has the passion and ability to be creative thinkers, and we want to help spark a love of learning!

We created our Blimey Box Game Kits to help busy parents teach their kids essential learning skills through screen-free play. 

Getting your child excited about math, reading, and complex thinking doesn't have to be overwhelming or stressful. In fact, it can be fun and easy.

Parents who use our game kits tell us their kids LOVE learning this way. We have actually seen kids begging to play more games. (And by "games" we mean complex math and reading tasks).

Don't forget to download this fun unplugged Valentine Coding Activity!

Looking for other Problem-Solving Activities for your little one?

Check out all our Valentine learning freebies:

More paper coding?


Grit Challenge

Do you get frustrated when your child gives up easily? We've been getting quite a few people asking us about how to inspire perseverance in kids. We want to help you!

We created a 5-Day Challenge/Workshop for parents that teaches you little ways you can encourage perseverance and grit in your little one.

Each day, for 5 days, we send you an email with a short video and a pdf download. We give you action steps on how to encourage your child to work through challenges and not give up. 

Click here to sign-up for the 5-Day Challenge! Start encouraging grit today.

Are your kids ready for a learning adventure? Check out our Treasure Hunt Games:


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Escape Room Game Kits:

Check out our escape room games and our locking escape room kit! Kids love the thrill of solving math, reading, and logic puzzles to get codes to unlock a final treasure. Make learning an exciting adventure!

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