Pirate Treasure Hunt for kids ages 5-9

Okay, our latest treasure hunt is totally awesome! It is more of a hybrid between a treasure hunt and an escape room game.

More than just riddles, this pirate treasure hunt requires kids to solve 5 puzzles (4 clues and a final decoder).

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Pirate Treasure Hunt for kids

Kids figure out rhyming riddles, collect "gold coins," and solve a series of puzzle tasks that take them to various places around the house.

Some of the puzzles are tricky because we want to promote grit-building skills!

We've made this easy for you to print and set-up for your kids. Sit back, enjoy some coffee, and savor your free time as your kid works hard to find the treasure.

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Here is how it works:

We have printable directions that tell you exactly where to hide all the clues.

After we hid all the clues, we gave our son the Pirate Riddle to help him find the first clue and "gold coin."

Pirate Riddle

After solving the riddle, he realized he needed to look in the mailbox for the next clue. Here he found Clue #1 and the Gold Coin with the "L."

 Clue 1

Brew had to follow the mixed up arrows to place the letters in the correct order. That is when he found where to look for his next clue: "In a bedroom drawer."

Clue #1 Solution

The next clue (along with Gold Coin "K") is hidden in a bedroom drawer.

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Clue #2 hidden in a drawer

After counting the mixed up pirate images, solving the math, and using the decoder key, the next puzzle revealed: "Check out the car."

Clue 2 answer key

Now, off to the car to find the next clue. Clue #3 and Gold Coin "A" are hidden on or in a car.

Clue 3 hidden in a car

Upon finding the way through the maze, kids put the letters together to spell: "toaster."

Clue 3 answer 

Clue #4 and Gold Coin "P" are hidden near the toaster.

Clue 4 hidden under the toaster

After kids read the riddles, they learn they need to turn the paper over to read the final riddle on the back. The riddle on the back reveals where the decoder Pirate Key is hidden, so they can solve the puzzle.

pirate key

Now kids must figure out they need to add letters to the pirate key and solve Clue #4. Once they decode the message, it reads: "Look in a cupboard."

Clue 4 answer

The final decoder is hidden in a cupboard.

 Decoder in cupboard

The kids must use all their gold coins arranged to spell "PLANK" to find the final message: "DRYER."

Gold Coins

final decoder answer

This final message reveals the location of the final treasure!

Final treasure

We created this treasure hunt to encourage our son to practice his problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Even though some of the puzzles might be challenging, let your child struggle a bit to solve them. Here are some tips to support problem-solving skills in your child. The desire to find a hidden treasure motivates him to persevere and work extra hard to solve the puzzles. 

Your child will have a blast playing this adventure game!

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 Pirate Treasure Hunt for Kids

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